Why Adopt?

Species: Mountain Gorilla

Location: Rwanda

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 2011

About Ihoho: The meaning of ‘Ihoho’ is ‘of incomparable beauty’ – a measure of the way in which gorillas are seen in Rwanda, where Ihoho was born. Ihoho lives in the Volcanoes National Park in the Rwandan Virunga Mountains with the rest of his close family. He is one of under just 800 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild. By sponsoring Ihoho, the WWF will keep you regularly updated with details of their fight to safeguard mountain gorillas – their work includes:

  • Supporting, equipping and training dedicated rangers to protect mountain gorillas from poachers.
  • Liaising with governments, government organizations and other animal conservation programs in the region to manage the national parks where the gorillas live.
  • Highlighting the issues facing the mountain gorilla and many other species that share its habitat and working to protect that habitat.
  • Educating people as to how to reduce the risk of gorillas catching diseases from humans.
  • Protecting many other species of animals globally through other similar and essential conservation efforts.

You can also plan a gorilla trekking safari to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and meet the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural home. There are several tour operators available with great offers on gorilla tracking in Rwanda. Gorilla permits cost USD1500 per person.

Why It Is Important to Gorilla Conservation

Dinosaurs are extinct. Several wildlife has been declared either extinct or endangered. This should not happen to the gorillas that are being killed and their habitats destroyed. We have eliminated thousands of species by over hunting or destroying natural habitats.

Saving the Eastern Lowland Gorillas

Are you a primatologist or conservationist? Did you know that the Eastern Lowland gorillas are getting extinct in the wild today? Do you know the significance of saving the lowland gorillas from extinction? Here is why there is a need to protect the Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.