Rwanda is regarded among the most popular destination for gorilla tourism. Located in Central Africa, this mountainous country is located in the east central Africa. It offers a great home to mountain gorillas, one of the two sub species that belong to the Eastern Gorilla. The country protects nearly a third of the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, in northern Rwanda.

Rwanda has a lot to do and see, making it one of the most loved country to visit by many tourists! Not only that Rwanda is regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in the world without any political insurgency. Many people travel for different reasons however most tourists to Rwanda visit purposely for gorilla tracking in the Virunga Mountains of Ruhengeri.

Mountain gorillas are the leading tourist attraction attracting a huge number of people have embraced gorilla tourism.

Rwanda Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are known as endangered species and they are only found in three African countries in Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. Rwanda is known as the leading gorilla tracking destination with a population of about 380 out of 890 remaining mountain gorillas world-wide. The gorillas of Rwanda are located in the volcanoes national park, the park of which is located in the northern part of Rwanda in Ruhengeri Musanze District just about 2-3 hours’ drive from the capital Kigali international Airport. The journey is rewarding with fantastic views of good scenery and sights to ‘’a thousand hills’’.

Volcanoes National Park (PNV) is blessed for housing the endangered mountain gorillas and its rich with fauna and flora, its outstanding with various species of plants and wildlife such as elephants, antelope species warthogs and primate species such as baboons, and grey checked mangabay and bird species.

Mountain gorilla trekking safaris are the most rewarding experience one should no love to miss, the gorillas are habituated to human standards and safaris to meet them in their natural habitat are conducted every day at the park. Many other activities that are conducted at the park are just a supplement to gorilla tracking. These include golden monkey tracking, volcano hiking, cultural experiences and more.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Over 90% of visitors travel to Rwanda specifically for gorilla safaris that are conducted within the forest. Only eight members are allowed to track the gorillas in a habituated gorilla group and gorilla tracking is highly regarded as a moment in life unforgettable. Rwanda gorilla tours can range from 1 day due to the park’s closeness to the capital city Kigali.  The tracking activity can go from half a day to full day so you are required to come when prepared don’t forget tracking gears. gorillas are wild animals  they move freely in their natural habitat, the time taken to meet them is unpredictable meeting them depends on where they last spent their night  from, some levels of physical fitness is needed.

Apart from mountain gorilla tracking, what else done in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

  • Sight-seeing
  • Nature walks
  • Bird sighting
  • Golden monkey tracking
  • I’bwachi Community walk
  • Hiking volcanoes Sabyinyo, Muhabura and Bisoke
  • Diane Fossy grave hike