Why Gorilla Conservation is important?

Like other wild animals, Gorillas play an important role in their environment. Without these large scale grazers eating lots of vegetation, the natural balance in the food chain would be disrupted. This could negatively affect other wildlife in the area and ultimately the people who depend on that environment for food, water and other natural resources.

Gorillas are some of the most powerful and striking animals not only for their size and force but also for their gentle human like behavior. They play a crucial role in local biodiversity, roaming through large territories and helping for example; to spread the seeds of the fruit they consume.

Regular visits by tourists to see gorillas, is one of the importance to the local people in order to benefit from living in places close to gorillas. As tourists yarn to see gorillas, they will also visit local people and see their performing arts and traditions. This generates some income from tourists to the local community hence an importance.

Challenges to Gorilla Conservation

Protect the Gorillas in Africa